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Foreign Currency Mortgages

Obtaining funding for overseas property purchases can be difficult. Our strong links into global finance providers allow us to coordinate your overseas funding arrangements with your UK investments, helping you get the best deal.

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Taking a mortgage on a UK property in a foreign currency can open up the possibility of lower interest rates, but it also opens up the possibility of moving the debt between currencies to take advantage of currency movements.

If you were lucky in your timing of these switches you could progressively manage down the size of your debt much more quickly than you could reduce it by simple repayment. By the same token if you were not fortunate in the timing and selection of currency your debt could increase.

For UK property this option is only available to UK residents of substantial means on loans in excess of £250,000, whereas for British Expats and foreign nationals resident in the UK the thresholds are lower at £100,000 or it's currency equivalent.

If you have income in a particular currency than getting a mortgage in that currency will be a sensible option if you don't want to expose yourself to currency risks.

Alternatively, you can opt for a managed currency mortgage. With this, a manager moves your mortgage in and out of various currencies when he judges that it is timely to do so. For example, if your mortgage is in Euro but this strengthens against Sterling, the manager will move your mortgage into a relatively weaker currency, such as US Dollars, for instance.

These mortgages are not for everyone, but for the more financially adventurous with a larger than minimum deposit they can pay off. CFG can provide guidance on foreign currency lending and managed currency mortgages, introducing your business those lenders who offer the most competitive deals.

If you are a UK resident looking to buy an overseas holiday home or commercial property, we can assist. We can arrange mortgages in most countries which UK investors find attractive, including popular countries like France, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal, and further afield such as the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

Our fees for the work required will depend on the complexity and difficulty of your requirements. We will inform you once we understand your requirements what fee, if any, will be payable.

No Broker Fee (if loan amount is £1million+)

You will NOT pay a broker fee for our service if your mortgage amount is OVER £1million. If your mortgage amount is below this £1million we charge a broker fee to cover our administration costs . In cases where the broker fee is charged, it is payable in full on presentation of a suitable mortgage offer in principle. NO charge will be made if we are unable to source a mortgage. Our charging policy is based on our receiving a commission from lenders. Where it is in the client's interests that we use a lender who does not offer us a commission we will charge an additional 0.5% of the loan amount. We do make an initial £100 charge in all cases, to cover our management time in assessing and preparing each case. Our minimum loan is £100,000.

Please see our table of fees below:

Our Fees
Loan Amount Broker Fee Charged
£100,000 - £500,000 1% of loan amount
£500,001 - £999,999 0.5% of loan amount
£1million+ FREE - No Fee Charged

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  • Generally variable rates are from 2.25% over Bank of England base rate (Currently 0.25%) equivalent to 2.50%
  • Up to 75% Loan to Value
  • Minimum £50k - Maximum £100 million
  • Repayments from 10 to 20 years
  • Team of experienced commerical mortgage advisors

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