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Private Equity

Funds from £250,000 to £20 million for business buy-outs, from equity investors. Available to established UK companies worth up to £25 million for development and growth.

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Private Equity is typically used by established companies, usually making in excess of £1million per annum in profits to take a substantial step towards their next objective. It can be used in start-up situations where the investors can be given considerable confidence of the prospects, based on the previous track record of those involved, or the quality of the product or service to be sold.

  • Management buy-outs
    This is where the private equity company provide the management team with the necessary resources to buy the business from the current owner.

  • Institutional buy-outs
    This is where the private equity company buys the company and then provides the incumbent and/or incoming management with a stake in the business.

  • Development capital
    If a business requires finance for growth the private equity company can provide funds by investing equity in the business.

  • Replacement capital
    This funding enables a shareholder to sell some or all of their shareholding to the private equity company .

  • Acquisition funding
    The private equity company provide the equity needed for one business to acquire another.

  • Pre-flotation funding
    In the run-up to a stock market flotation the private equity company buy equity to diversify the shareholder base.

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No Broker Fee (if loan amount is £1million+)

You will NOT pay a broker fee for our service if your loan amount is OVER £1million. If your loan amount is below this £1million we charge a broker fee to cover our administration costs . In cases where the broker fee is charged, it is payable in full on presentation of a suitable loan offer in principle. NO charge will be made if we are unable to source a loan. Our charging policy is based on our receiving a commission from lenders. Where it is in the client's interests that we use a lender who does not offer us a commission we will charge an additional 0.5% of the loan amount. We do make an initial £100 charge in all cases, to cover our management time in assessing and preparing each case. Our minimum loan is £100,000.

Please see our table of fees below:

Our Fees
Loan Amount Broker Fee Charged
£100,000 - £500,000 1% of loan amount
£500,001 - £999,999 0.5% of loan amount
£1million+ FREE - No Fee Charged

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