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Our experienced team will help you source low rate debt funding for your acquisition or projected development. We know commercial finance from top to bottom - tell us what you need!

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CFG Offer :

  • Take advantage of our relationships with many lenders

    With our day to day working knowledge of how lenders operate we can find the right lender for your business.

  • Get the right balance of debt funding

    There are two types of debt funding for businesses - each has a valid role to play, but getting the balance between the two wrong is expensive at best and disasterous at worst

    • 'At Call' debt funding ( an overdraft) which the lender can "call in" at any time - never at a time you would choose.
    • Term Loan Funding, where a time period for the loan is agreed and the loan is secure for that period. The problem for many businesses is that it is easy to slip into relying on overdrafts, which borrowers forget are “at call”. If anything adverse affects a bank's confidence in the business they can simply insist that the loan is immediately repaid, which in some cases does spell disaster.
  • Lenders need security for  Debt Funding

    Term Loan funding for businesses if not secured on property assets, will be effectively secured on the cash flow and assets of the business. In other words loans will not be given until the lender has completed much due diligence work on the business, and has agreed a reporting arrangement, with say management accounts being supplied monthly, to monitor the performance of the business. If these assets are not sufficient collateral lenders will require personal guarantees from Directors. If this security is still inadequate we may be able to use the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme to swing the balance in your favour.

  • No Broker Fee (if loan amount is £1million+)

    You will NOT pay a broker fee for our service if your loan amount is OVER £1million. If your loan amount is below this £1million we charge a broker fee to cover our administration costs . In cases where the broker fee is charged, it is payable in full on presentation of a suitable mortgage offer in principle. NO charge will be made if we are unable to source a mortgage. Our charging policy is based on our receiving a commission from lenders. Where it is in the client's interests that we use a lender who does not offer us a commission we will charge an additional 0.5% of the loan amount. We do make an initial £100 charge in all cases, to cover our management time in assessing and preparing each case. Our minimum loan is £100,000.

    Please see our table of fees below:

    Our Fees
    Loan Amount Broker Fee Charged
    £100,000 - £500,000 1% of loan amount
    £500,001 - £999,999 0.5% of loan amount
    £1million+ FREE - No Fee Charged

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