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Marine Finance

We can finance any vessels or marine equipment with a value in excess of £250,000, whether it be to construct a new vessel, buy a new or used vessel,or repair or modify an existing one. Get pre-purchase approval from us before you start shopping.

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Marine Finance can be arranged on work and residential boats, yachts, powerboats and super yachts. If you are having a boat specially built then we can arrange finance for the construction and fit out phases, but normally it it the finished article. We should be involved before contracts are signed but if not make your offer "subject to finance approval". For second hand purchases you should add to that condition: "subject to a satisfactory survey and valuation".

Most lenders will accept a survey and valuation from any accredited surveyor so long as they have adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance. With larger craft the registration jurisdiction and ownership structure can be tailored to fit clients requirements for tax efficiency, and mortgages can be in any major currency that you have income in. Consortium ownership arrangements are not uncommon and can be catered for. Most marine finance is for pleasure craft which you are allowed to charter, if you wish to live aboard that is possible on certain craft with permanent moorings, but we must be advised at the outset.

Marine Mortgage

For most marine mortgages a typical term is 10 years, though 15 year terms are available. Within that time period the profile can usually be tailored, with interest only periods at the beginning if required. The minimum cash deposit requirement is 20%, with the balance being financed. The mortgage will normally take the form of a Chattel Mortgage. For certain residential boat loans, most specifically where the boat does not have any engines such as a purpose-built houseboat or some Dutch barges, the lender will require Conditional Sale Agreement under which they will own the boat until you have made the required payments.

Italian or French Marine Lease

Marine Leases based on French or Italian lenders can be cost efficient because of the favourable VAT treatment those territories give to marine leases. You do not have to be resident there to get the benefit. For an Italian lease VAT can be reduced to as little as 6% for a boat over 24 metres, and to 9.8% under the French scheme.

No Broker Fee (if loan amount is £1million+)

You will NOT pay a broker fee for our service if your loan amount is OVER £1million. If your loan amount is below this £1million we charge a broker fee to cover our administration costs . In cases where the broker fee is charged, it is payable in full on presentation of a suitable loan offer in principle. NO charge will be made if we are unable to source a loan. Our charging policy is based on our receiving a commission from lenders. Where it is in the client's interests that we use a lender who does not offer us a commission we will charge an additional 0.5% of the loan amount. We do make an initial £100 charge in all cases, to cover our management time in assessing and preparing each case. Our minimum loan is £100,000.

Please see our table of fees below:

Our Fees
Loan Amount Broker Fee Charged
£100,000 - £500,000 1% of loan amount
£500,001 - £999,999 0.5% of loan amount
£1million+ FREE - No Fee Charged

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  • Finance new, used or built to order vessels
  • Marine Mortgage - up to 80% of valuation.
  • Mortgage Term up to 15 years.
  • Tax Efficient  Italian Leases available.
  • Tax Efficient French Leases available.

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