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Aircraft and Helicopter Finance

We finance the purchase and repair of aircraft and helicopters for business and commercial use. We can offer a choice of mortgage finance or operating lease for aircraft from many countries of registration. Enquire with us now.

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CFG Offer

If you are looking into the purchase of an aircraft or helicopter we can offer both sales finance for an outright purchase or lease finance where the aircraft is owned by a leasing company and you pay for the use of it. There are many factors to consider as this is likely to be one of the largest financial decisions you will make. We structure leases and debt facilities to accomplish financing and tax goals in the most efficient way possible. Contact us to discuss the types of finance available to you. We will need details of the aircraft you have in mind so we can carry out a valuation for credit underwriting purposes. Finance can be arranged in any major currency. We also undertake the re-financing of aircraft, to either release cash for either aircraft or non aircraft related activities, or to improve upon the terms already available.

Operating Lease

Operating leases are attractive to many as a way to manage obsolescence risk, because the lessor retains ownership of the equipment and the asset risk associated with it. This is especially attractive to airlines and today 40-50% of the world passenger aircraft fleet is on operating lease. This facility can be used on a stand-alone basis, if the user wishes to make use of their in house maintenance team. Alternatively it can be linked to a repair and maintenance contract which will fix known costs further.

Finance Lease

Finance leasing is attractive to the lessee because the lessee may claim depreciation deductions over the aircraft's useful life, which can make them very tax efficient. Around 20% of the worlds passenger aircraft, and a majority of the executive aircraft use this type of lease.

Aviation Mortgage

This works in a similar way to a commercial mortgage. The lender will lend against the lower of valuation or selling price. If you are buying a second-hand aircraft or helicopter, we suggest you contact an accredited surveyor and ask them to provide you with a full survey. Please satisfy yourself about your chosen surveyor's professional standing and Professional Indemnity Insurance. We can arrange a line of credit before you go shopping, which proves to sellers that you are a serious buyer and increases your negotiating power. Up to 90% of the valuation of the craft can be advanced, with a term of 2-12 years being typical.

No Broker Fee (if loan amount is £1million+)

You will NOT pay a broker fee for our service if your loan amount is OVER £1million. If your loan amount is below this £1million we charge a broker fee to cover our administration costs . In cases where the broker fee is charged, it is payable in full on presentation of a suitable loan offer in principle. NO charge will be made if we are unable to source a loan. Our charging policy is based on our receiving a commission from lenders. Where it is in the client's interests that we use a lender who does not offer us a commission we will charge an additional 0.5% of the loan amount. We do make an initial £100 charge in all cases, to cover our management time in assessing and preparing each case. Our minimum loan is £100,000.

Please see our table of fees below:

Our Fees
Loan Amount Broker Fee Charged
£100,000 - £500,000 1% of loan amount
£500,001 - £999,999 0.5% of loan amount
£1million+ FREE - No Fee Charged

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